IFS Eliminator Kit-RHD


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There are a lot of choices on the market for solid axle conversion. So what makes our kits stand out? We feature the highest quality parts and the most complete kit at the best price anywhere.

Our SAS kits include a front diff armor plate, upper axle gusset, wheel bearing, and knuckle service kits. Items most others charge extra for. To install your solid axle kit you’re going to need a rear matching lift kit, solid front axle from a 79-85 Pickup or 4Runner, and a long spline drive shaft.

We offer our kits in three different heights. The hangers and shackles included with each kit add one inch of lift. Thus our 3″ spring kit has 4″ lift and our 4″ kit would be 5″ of lift.

Note: On V6 installations, we recommend moving the front hanger forward 3/4″. This allows the tie rod to clear the stock 4wd oil pan. It also kicks the shackles forward slightly helping the springs to carry the heavier load of the V6 motor.

SAS Kit Includes:

  • Front Leaf Springs (your choice of 3″ 4″ or 5″)
  • High Steer Crossover Steering Kit
  • Front Drop Hanger with Greaseable Bolts
  • Greaseable 5″ Shackles
  • Frame Tubes & Jigs
  • Steering Stabilizer Kit
  • U-bolt Flip Kit
  • Shock Hoops (2)
  • Bilstein Shocks (2)
  • Front Brake Lines (2)
  • Vented Rotors (2)
  • Bumpstop Extensions (2)
  • Wheel Spacers (2)
  • Bumpstops (2)
  • Front Axle Gusset
  • Axle Diff Armor
  • Knuckle Service Kit
  • Wheel Bearing Kit (2)
  • Motor Mount Cover Plates
  • Spring Pad

Note: Now our front 5″ springs are available in a heavy-duty version with a 25% higher spring rate. We have added a 7th leaf and readjusted the length of the leaves to match. If you are running a larger v6 or v8 motor you will appreciate the extra weight carrying capacity of these springs.

Available in Left or Right-Hand Drive. This nomenclature refers to the position of the steering wheel as seen from inside the vehicle.

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 18 in
Leaf Springs

3" Springs, 4" Springs, 5" Springs, 3" HD Springs, 4" HD Springs, 5" HD Springs

Steering Arms

4-Stud, 6-Stud


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